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Welcome to my LJ!

I want to make a summary post about my project releases, upcomings, and myself. (I know, I know.. It's so late. But better late than never, right?)
Because apparently it's easier that way for many other people. It's easier for me to answer it too.

Project Releases

Shibutani Subaru's Kanjani Sentai Ranger JWEB English Translation

*If anyone can provide me with older Subaru's jweb entries in Japanese, I'll gladly translate it into English.

KANPANI English Subbed
DVD SP Disc 1 part 1
DVD SP Disc 1 part 2
DVD SP Disc 1 part 3
DVD SP Disc 2 part 1
DVD SP Disc 2 part 2
DVD SP Disc 3 part 1

Kanjani no Shiwake Eito English Subbed
2013.11.16 Kanjani no Shiwake Eito #076 (TAIKO CUT)

Arashi ni Shiyagare English Subbed
2013.08.24 Arashi ni Shiyagare 24hr TV

Honmadekka?! TV English Subbed
2012.08.01 Honma dekka! TV ~ Kanjani8 Complete Knocked-Out SP!

Shibutani Subaru's Interview for Magazines English Translation
Potato July 2009
DUET October 2010
Potato November 2010
with Feb/Mar 2014

Kanjani8 Group Talk in Magazines English Translation
Potato November 2010 - Subaru & Yasu's Birthday SP

ONE OK ROCK English Subbed
FOOL COOL ROCK! Hiroyuki Nakano & One OK ROCK interview

KANPANI Spanish Subbed
Credit to
allaboutthebest for the Spanish translation, encoding, and uploading

Upcoming Projects

Shibutani Subaru's Kanjani Sentai Ranger JWEB English Translation

Shibutani Subaru's Interview for Magazines English Translation
Popolo September 2009 (Subaru x Ookura)

KANPANI English Subbed
DVD SP Disc 3 part 2

Kanjani no Shiwake Eito English Subbed
2012.12.01 Kanjani no Shiwake Eito #054 (K8 vs.The Best Singers Team: Johnny's Karaoke Song Cut)
2013.01.12 Kanjani no Shiwake Eito #056 (Subaru x Ryo Cooking Cut)


You can call me pikaCHii or simply Chii.
I go name my projects as PS♥ITA or PS<3ITA
I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia.
I love many things, but mainly L'Arc~en~Ciel, Arashi, Kanjani8, and One OK Rock for music.

I do this for fun. For spreading the love. For killing time. For experience. For many things..
No, I don't think I'll release anything in Bahasa. A lot of reasons why. I don't want to bore you ><;;
Yes, I do appreciate mirrors. I only upload my work via gdrive and it has a 24Hour Download Limit.
Yes, sometimes I locked my post. Mostly when some abuse and other shit happens. I hate to do it though..
Yes, I appreciate feedbacks and critics about my works. Please tell me if I do anything wrong.
Yes, I do accept suggestion about what to sub or translate next. I'll consider it.
Yes, maybe I'll sub or translate anything beside eito, anything that can trigger my interest. Try persuade me. Again, I accept suggestion.

PS: If you didn't notice it already, I love Subaru. He keeps swirling in my heart like this.. What's not to love about him?

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Shibuyan &lt;3

Sadness and Anger

I know I have taken a long, long break from here.

These past two years were rough. I was a fish out of water, desperately trying to breathe.
I know I tend to isolate myself far away from what I love when things go hard. As a punishment, as a test.

Although I know it's sabotaging my life, it's my way to properly face myself. With all the demons inside.

I took a long break from here. From all the warmth, from all the love.


I heard the news when I was watching Chronicle I downloaded god knows when. I miss Eito. I miss Subaru. I was slowly going on my feet again.
I thought it was a cruel prank. It was not funny at all. I remember feeling irritated, like, what are you talking about?!

Again I am a fish out of water. It looks like all these people are living and breathing different air than me.
This is Subaru we're talking about..

And then everything stated to make sense. Like the air barging in to my lungs all at once. It was an eureka moment with a pang in the heart. "Ah, so he will stop being an idol."

All the feelings started to rush in, uncontrolably. But this is Subaru we're talking about!
The Subaru that loves Eito so much!
You have got to be kidding me!
There've got to be some kind of mistake!
Is it Johnny? Is there some kind of scandal?

Indeed, denial is easier than acceptance. I can preserve the idea of Subaru that I love into one coherent reality.
Which I know, will be scattered by reality.
Maybe this is why we do not want reality.
It hurts and it scatters things you wish to keep as something certain in your life.

But I'm still here, somehow. For some unknown reason.

Eito is my joy.
Unlike anything that I love, I can clearly say what and why and how I love them. And Subaru. Always Eito and Subaru, and Subaru and Eito.

I know, I'm expected to support his decision to leave. I know. I know but..

Won't you let me grief?

I'll probably going to be on my own feet again eventually, but I will go there at my own pace.

Subaru, I love your passion. I fell in love with your voice. Most of all, I love how you love Eito. But I also love your rebeliousness and how un-idol-like you can be. I love your courage.
And that courage is what breaks my heart. Life is cruel that way.

For now, I think I will never forgive you if I don't hear you singing somewhere or that you stop pursuing music.

Today, between sadness and anger, I choose anger.
Shibuyan &lt;3


Dear lovely fellow eighters...

HAPPY EITO DAY!!! *throws confetti*

Did you all forget me yet? I'm such a bratty ignorant smart-ass that I want to slap in the face when I thought I can somewhat manage to work and sub at the same time.
It. was. nearly. impossible.
Maybe because I can't seem to separate my job and my private time.. It's like I take this job as my life.

But I made it to make a tribute to this lovely day.
Here you go, This is KANPANI DVD SP Disc 2 part 1!
[PSLUVITA] Kanpani DVD SP 2 - 1 HD Eng.mp4_snapshot_05.37_[2014.08.08_20.58.47]
Mega thanks to lou_rules


[PSLUVITA] Kanpani DVD SP 2 - 1 HD Eng.mp4_snapshot_08.20_[2014.08.08_21.00.37][PSLUVITA] Kanpani DVD SP 2 - 1 HD Eng.mp4_snapshot_07.46_[2014.08.08_21.00.02]
[PSLUVITA] Kanpani DVD SP 2 - 1 HD Eng.mp4_snapshot_08.10_[2014.08.08_21.00.14][PSLUVITA] Kanpani DVD SP 2 - 1 HD Eng.mp4_snapshot_08.38_[2014.08.08_21.00.26]
Translation/Timing/Typesetting/QC/Encoding: pikaCHII
RAW: dozchan

I intent to sub much larger (and longer) file than this. but............... well........... I can't. I simply can't.
I will manage to keep up to translate and sub more.
Because last month was a crucial month for me. Spartan hell and crucial. Because last month was my last month as a prob worker. Now I'm a full time worker. So, it means either I can relax a bit or I can never relax again lol. (I laugh, but I cry....)
But I love doing this. I love
subaru *cough* eito so much.
It sadden me when there's nothing new in the fandom to droll about.
So I hope I can give you doses of eito love to make you stick to the fandom. Wish me luck.

I'll leave this open, but there's a chance that I'll lock it if I find something suspicious :s
So please don't abuse my work!

As usual..
Any feedbacks will be loved. ♥♥♥
Hope I can find more motivation and experiences to do better in the future!

Have a good day!

PS: I f-ing missed subaru. Like hell. It's been a long time since I sit down and drown myself in his almighty-ness. But since it's Eito Day, have a dose of ER2! (that I'm not so crazy about... sorry dearests.)
[PV] ER2 - Issaigassai eigamori ver.ts_snapshot_03.06_[2014.07.19_19.45.48][PV] ER2 - Issaigassai eigamori ver.ts_snapshot_03.54_[2014.07.19_19.46.58]
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Shibuyan &lt;3

[JWeb] Shibutani Subaru's Kanjani Sentai Ranger 2014.05.29 English Translation

su 20140529
Japanese JWEB Credit: Subaru922, coria1984

Ookaay, this month is full of fan-service entries from Subaru.
It started from deep-encouraging Subaru, YokoxBaru, SubaruxRyo, and now it's SubaruxMaru

(You won't see me complaining about that xD)

Subaru is really compatible with Maru, the one that can keep up with his high tension.
And I also suspect that when
Subaru had a mood-swing, he came close to Maru so he can raise his mood :)
I mean, their interaction in Janiben explains it all!

I'm glad Subaru and Maru discover each other early in their life, right when they had an interview to enter Johnny's actually. So that at the earliest stage of his stressful path, he had someone to make him laugh :')

A little explanation about this entry, other than the hilariously adorable "My brother" remark, Subaru also add some cheesy joke that I (unfortunately) can't translate to english literally. Because it was a pun.
at the (*) part, Subaru wrote that he had a
素敵なステーキ (wonderful steak; but you read it in romaji as "suteki na sute-ki" *sigh* Subaru....... stop........)
And a "My Brassiere" remark.......... I think it's about Maru's Johnny's Countdown "annual surprise". This two hopeless old men is killing me......

PS: Have a SubaruxMaru dose and hope you have a good day! :D
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Shibuyan &lt;3

[JWeb] Shibutani Subaru's Kanjani Sentai Ranger 2014.05.22 English Translation

su 20140522
Japanese JWEB Credit: Subaru922, coria1984
I'm sorry for being able to translated this only now. orz

I'll translate this week's jweb now............

Oh, tomato and mustard
Why are you torturing us with our irrational imagination?
Please don't give your cold to Subaru, dear Ryo.
Because as we all know, this little yakuza has surprisingly weak body xD

PS: I really love this moment I can't even............................
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Shibuyan &lt;3

[JWeb] Shibutani Subaru's Kanjani Sentai Ranger 2014.05.15 English Translation

su 20140515
Japanese JWEB Credit: Subaru922, coria1984, and baru_world

Ah, how much Subaru adores Yoko
I love them so much
Almost forgot! Subaru used これ instead of 彼 in the (*) sentence. That's why I translate it as "this" not "he".
As usual, often Subaru's word choice made me rethinking his rebellious nature.

PS: Got a lot of things to do, so just enjoy how absurdly adorable Subaru and Yoko can be
God, they're perfect for each other. They're like real brothers♥ :')
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Shibuyan &lt;3

[JWeb] Shibutani Subaru's Kanjani Sentai Ranger 2014.05.08 English Translation

su 20140508
Japanese JWEB Credit: coria1984

I'm on the roll!
And he's back!
I can say that in this kind of topic, his logic and mine are similar.
Something that your head can understand but quite hard to actually do.
Well, but only you can change yourself, right?

Have a nice Sunday!

PS: Suba dose that will blow your mind~

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Shibuyan &lt;3

[JWeb] Shibutani Subaru's Kanjani Sentai Ranger 2014.05.01 English Translation

su 20140501a
Japanese JWEB Credit: Subaru922, coria1984, and baru_world

FINALLY. I manage to squeeze some time to translate this.
While we're at it, shall we talk about JUKEBOX? Since
subaru kindly opened up the subject anyway.

LIVE TOUR JUKEBOX DVD was one emotional roller coaster DVD consist of 4 discs full of out-blown-epicness
Even in the first few songs I watch in the first disc manage made me cry a river. From disc one to disc four, it started out emotional for about 5 continuous tear jerker songs+the MC, then it was fun, then it was hilarious, then it went serious and back to emotional (with a punch in the gut that will made you stop doing anything but to crawl into a ball full of tears. The goddamnit All is Well was the peak of it) and then it was hilariously fun again, then it went precious (*cough*
Otokogi taiketsu batsu Game*cough*), then it went serious, then fun, then......... okay you get my point.
Take all the tissues you have when you watch this. It'll be exactly like this:

PS: Because I'm still celebrating Yoko's birthday, here, have a YokoXBaru dose in JUKEBOX
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Shibuyan &lt;3

[JWeb] Shibutani Subaru's Kanjani Sentai Ranger 2013.12.05 English Translation

su 20131205
Japanese JWEB Credit: Subaru922

Another throwback of
Subaru's JWEB entry. Again. JUKEBOX.
Tomorrow is the release of JUKEBOX (Although I already saw a couple of lucky eighters that already get their hands on it furage-ly yesterday. I went on jealous rampage yesterday)
We can finally understand his JWEB entries by then hopefully?
I--- I want to watch it so bad I can't sleep well ><;

PS: When I first saw this, I screamed my ass off because Subaru was wearing a Batik-like jacket. Enough said

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Shibuyan &lt;3

[English Translation] Potato Magazine Group Talk: Subaru & Yasu's Birthday SP ~ November 2010

Requested by yunfa46

Hi! I'm bringing you today, the group talk for Subaru & Yasu's Birthday!
It's on Potato Magazine
(November 2010)
Let me warn you, the talk are quite long.. I'm dividing it into two parts, because there are two theme in this talk.
Each theme is long. so don't be surprised by it~

k8 2k8 1
Scan Credit: yunfa46

[Explosure of the two September born men that are going through the road to become a small old-man!?]
potato 2010 yasubaa page 1

potato 2010 yasubaa page 2
potato 2010 yasubaa page 3potato 2010 yasubaa page 4a

[Classic pattern of birthda party in Kanjani8]
potato 2010 yasubaa page 5a
potato 2010 yasubaa page 6a
potato 2010 yasubaa page 7

Just like the title, the talk focused on birthdays. Especially Yasuba's, but not all about them.
It's cute how you can know more about their preference about things and presents..
They really are different from one another. Rainbow colored personalities
Hope you enjoyed this as much as I do.

PS: Two cute small old-men♥ I have nothing to complain about
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